Our Team
Introducing the people that make your business great is a way of letting your prospects know they are in good hands. If you or any team members have a special area of expertise or even an interesting hobby worth mentioning, make sure you tell your readers about it. You may also want to provide an example of how this expertise makes your business better. 
Our Team
Team Member Name and Position
Introduce your team members and give your prospects a peek into the personal contribution each one makes to your business. 
Steve Goyens
Verantwoordelijk voor verkoop, administratie en logistiek ondersteuning.
Geboren te Antwerpen op 11 februari 1987
Mobiel: +32 473 890664​​​​​​​
Nadine Van Gastel
Verantwoordelijk voor verkoop en technische ondersteuning.
Geboren te Antwerpen op 2 augustus 1962
Mobiel: +32 475 797758